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"Piotr Salaber in a brilliant way presented the climate of the court, ruling there numbness and conventions with just a few notes" Faculty of the Theater, Lublin

„Piotr Salaber – one of the most interesting Polish composers of theatre music” Polish Market

"Piotr Salaber as usually composed a good music for the play. There is both horror and gnosis in it. "Gazeta Wyborcza

"Music by Piotr Salaber elicited under the eyelids Gombrowicz - and his forbidden, paradoxical and brilliant world." (Yvonne Princess of Burgundy) Eastern Daily

"The audience feels vibrations flowing toward them with erotic currents, as the enchanting sounds of the violin solo composed by Piotr Salaber." The Daily Theater

"Music by Salaber, written for piano, violin and angelic, sensational vocalise - should be as quickly as possible released on CD by the Lublin Theatre. And the psychotherapists should prescribe this music with a prescription." The Eastern Daily

"Separate words of appreciation to Piotr Salaber for the orchestration. He didn’t try to make his job easier and did not use electronic instruments, but the traditional symphony orchestra (though of course in the decreased content) bringing with it a lot of interesting tidbits." The Rzeczpospolita

"It's just the kind of creativity that encourages and convinces to the music. There're not many contemporary musicians that you can write it about. It’s really easier to write a whole voluminous fugue than two minutes of music that would intrigue your child." Express Magazine

"Mass by Piotr Salaber made a big impression, both the verbal layer, as well as music. Missa Mundana connected a pair of fairly distant worlds: classical music (explicit references to Bach or Beethoven) and modern music, electronic, written in the style of Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis or even Karlheinz Stockhausen." Your Muse Monthly

"The music of Piotr Salaber seductively brings to the surface the secret life of words by Myśliwski. Discreetly leads actors, consoles pain, worships joy, comments inscribed in "The Horizon", Polish post-war history." The Eastern Daily

"To this was added the music of Piotr Salaber, more beautiful than a June morning in the countryside." The Lublin Daily

"If the Bird Radio Station existed for real, songs by Piotr Salaber to poems by Julian Tuwim would be at the top of the Bird Hit-Parade." The Program of The Łódź of Four Cultures Festival

"Composer and arranger Piotr Salaber and Julian Tuwim, present in his famous poems written for children, is a duet, which, like the famous" Locomotive "pushed forward the program of the second day of The Łódź of Four Cultures Festival." The Times, Poland

„Музыку специально для спектакля («Курс лечения») написал известный польский композитор Петр Салабер.” С.-Петербургские ведомости

"This outstanding composer, having already to his credit music for about eighty theater performances in Poland and abroad, for the entire period of his work is consistently declarying and striving to implement into his work the idea musica mundana " The Theatre Monthly

"Peter Salaber, mesmerized the audience with an all- Chopin piano concert." The Boston Globe

Piotr Salaber On February 3, 2019, the Polish premiere of the play Bea by Mick Gordon took place at the Radom theater, directed by Andrzej Bubień with the scenography of Anita Bojarska and music by P. Salaber.

On the 25th of October the premiere of the play I, Feuerbach dir. by Zbigniew Rybka took place with the music by Piotr Salaber at the Theater in Radom, featuring Jarosław Rabenda.

On 13th of October 2018 Piotr Salaber conducted the Lodz Philharmonic Orchestra in a concert Singing Locomotive with his music for children and the participation of Maia Gadzińska, Aleksandra Lis, Marcin Słabowski and Andrzej Walden.

Between the screen and the stage - film and theater music by Piotr Salaber, a double album has just been released by the Soliton publishing house, CD will be available in the Empik network from June 16.

On April 21st, 2018 in Murowana Goślina the Ave Christe concert took place - - for the opening of the 11th International Choir Festival. The program includes Ave Maria by Piotr Salaber for soprano - Marzena Michałowska, solo violin - Waldemar Kośmieja, female choir - Canzona choirs and orchestra - Capella Bydgostiensis. Conductor - Adrianna Wtorkowska - Kubińska.

Postcard from Paris - by Piotr Salaber for violin solo and orchestra has just been released on the CD Roses of the Classic - Violin. All the solo parts from this album were recorded by the outstanding Polish violinist - Natalia Walewska.

On February 25 at 21.10,at the First Program of the Polish Radio - there was a play based on the poems of Skamadriters: Julian Tuwim, Kazimierz Wierzyński, Jan Lechoń, Antoni Słonimski and Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz. The concept, the selection of poems and the direction by Janusz Kukuła. Music by Piotr Salaber. Premiere at the Polish Radio Theater.

On 19 January 2018 at the Pomeranian Philharmonic in Bydgoszcz , a concert Piotr Salaber and his music took place. Performers : Symphony Orchestra of the Pomeranian Philharmonic, Chamber Choir of the Music Academy in Bydgoszcz, Paulina Janczak - soprano, Katarzyna Duda - violin, Markus Stockhausen - trumpet, flugelhorn, Sebastian Wielądek - ethnic instruments (including Persian ney, hurdy gurdy, duduk), throat singing , Janusz Stanecki, Magdalena Filipska - choirmasters, Piotr Salaber conductor.

Honorary The Pearl of the Polish Economy in the Culture category went to P. Salaber during the Gala at the Royal Castle in Warsaw on November 24 2017, among the previous winners were i.a. Wojciech Kilar, Małgorzata Walewska, and Jerzy Maksymiuk.

Piotr Salaber is the winner of the Amadeus Award Statue for the debut as the composer at the Polish Radio Theater in 2016. Recently, four premieres of the plays with his music were on air: Tadeusz Rozewicz's "Trap" dir. by Julia Vernio; "Konopnicka - Autobiography", "Leśmian - Autobiography" and "Smile of Happiness" by Joseph Conrad directed by Janusz Kukuła.

On the 12th of October 2017 at the State Youth Theater in Minsk the play «Lesson of Love. The History of Kosciusko » by A. Bojarska was premiered, directed by A. Wojtyszka with music by P. Salaber, with the participation of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the Institute of Polish Culture in Minsk.

First time at the Polish Radio 3 - bedtime story Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang: The Magical Car by Ian Fleming - James Bond's author with P. Salaber's music read by Rafał Królikowski, every evening September/October 2017.

On the 9th of September 2017, on the Mill Island in Bydgoszcz the world premiere of Non Omnis Moriar - P. Salaber's oratorio for the texts by Father Sylwester Warzyński took place. Soloists - Magdalena Wór, Olga Bończyk, Kaludi Kaludov, Maciej Miecznikowski; Natalia Walewska, Polish Chamber Choir "Schola Cantorum Gedanensis", Toruń Symphony Orchestra. Fragments of the "Roman Triptych: Meditations" will be read by Wiktor Zborowski. The concert was introduced by Marek Zając, conductor - P. Salaber.

On the 2nd of July for the opening of another season of the Summer Stage of Gdynia City Theate the premiere of We are on holidays ... Wojciech Młynarski's song " took place, dir. by J. Kilian, musical direction and arrangement - P. Salaber.

On the1st of July 1 2017 in Sopot at the opening of the Baltic Souvenir Festival P. Salaber conducted The Fairytale Symphony Orchestra with concertmaster Natalia Walewska and singing actors in the concert with poems by Julian Tuwim and music of the composer.

On June 11th, 2017 P. Salaber conducted the Fairytale Symphony Orchestra with concertmaster Natalia Walewska and singing actors in the concert Singing Locomotive in the Concert Hall of the Port of Gdynia. The program included the most beautiful poems by Julian Tuwim with music of the composer.

On June 4th, 2017 at 17.05 in the Program 1 PR the premiere of the Polish Radio Theater took place Smile of happiness by Joseph Conrad dir. J. Kukuła with mus. by P. Salaber. Sound design by T. Perkowski, cast. Anna Radwan and Wiktor Zborowski

On the 4th of June 2017 P. Salaber conducted the Toruń Symphony Orchestra in the CKK Jordanki Concert Hall in Toruń during the concert The Singing Locomotive with the most beautiful poems by J. Tuwim and music of the composer.

On 8th of April 2017 at the National Theater Taichung, Taiwan - The Nightingale directed by recognized Taiwanese director - Chia-yin Cheng was performed, followed by press conference with the participation of the composer

On 11th of March at the The 6 Floor Theatre in Warsaw the premiere of Marriage by N. Gogol dir. by A. Bubień with music by P. Salaber took place, featuring i.a. Anna Dereszowska, Paulina Chruściel, Joanna Żółkowska, Michal Zebrowski, Piotr Glowacki, Janusz Chabior, Cezary Zak, Cezary Pazura.

On February 5th, 2017, 5:05 p.m. at the Programm 1 of Polish Radio - Polish Radio Theatre there was a premiere of drama "Leśmian - Autobiography"dir. by Janusz Kukuła with music by P. Salaber, sound engineer Tomasz Perkowski, featuring: Krzysztof Gosztyła, Adam Ferency, Krzysztof Banaszyk and Mariusz Bonaszewski.

On 8th of January 2017 at the Center for Arts and Culture in Tczew Piotr Salaber conducted The Fairytale Symphony Orchestra, with concertmaster - Natalia Walewska and singing actors in the concert Singing Locomotive with his music for children.

On 9th and 10th of December 2016 at the Cafe de la Culture: Salon philosophique in Paris the premiere of Alchemy of Imperfection, dir. by Cara Cruickshank took place, music by Michael Benhamou, Jérome Lifshitz, Simon Merarin and Piotr Salaber

On the 19th of November the premiere of the play "The Old Woman Is Hatching" by T. Różewicz, dir. by A. Bubień for Sovremennik Theatre in Moscow took place, featuring Marina Neyolova.

On the 11th of November the W. Orzechowski movie "Women With No Shame" with music by P. Salaber was released in theatres of Odeon network in Great Britain and Ireland.

The footage from the rehearsal by P. Salaber before the premiere of The Nightingale by The Puppet & It's Double Theater directed by Cha-yin Cheng in Taiwan.

On the 1st of October 2016 at the The Gombrowicz Theatre in Gdynia, Cafe Luna by A. Burzyńska premiere took place, dir. by J. Opalski, set design and costumes by Zofia de Ines, arrangements and musical direction by P. Salaber.

In August and September 2016 on Polish Radio 3 Maria Seweryn read unpublished novel by Agnieszka Osiecka Neponset with music by P. Salaber.

Next performances of The Nightingale directed by Chia-yin Cheng with music by P. Salaber performed by Puppet and It's Double Theatre took place on 15,16th of July in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

The latest movie trailer of the W. Orzechowski feature movie "Women without shame" with music by P. Salaber you can see here Official premiere took place on July 22nd. P. Salaber's music from the film "Women without shame" has been released on CD by Soliton

Newest premiere with music by P. Salaber took place on May 27th in Taiwan performed by Puppet and It's Double Theater, directed by Chia-yin Cheng

On the 25th of May the new CD was released "Singing Locomotive" with music by P. Salaber with the most beautiful poems by K. Tuwim, for singing actors and the symphony orchestra, released by Soliton, later also as a vinyl record.

On the March 18th 2016 in Radom, the premiere of the play "The Power" by Nick Dear took place, dir. by A. Bubień with music by P. Salaber.

On the 09th of January 2016 on the Polish Radio Programme 2, the premiere of The Trap took place, dir. by Julia Wernio with the music by Piotr Salaber, violin solo - Katarzyna Duda . In a Radio Theater adaptation of Tadeusz Rozewicz's play the great Polish actors took part - Marcin Bosak, Piotr Adamczyk, Maria Pakulnis and Julia Kijowska.

" Postcard from Paris" - P. Salaber's musical theme from the feature movie "Women without shame" (Dr. Charming) by W. Orzechowski has been published on " The Most Beautiful Film Music " CD - performed by the Progress - Chamber Orchestra conducted by S. Morus, with the participation of the Baltic Philharmonic"s concertmaster - Natalia Walewska (Vn) . The album released by Soliton is available in Empik stores.

On the 21st of November the premiere of "Uncle Vanya" took place at the 6th Floor Theatre, dir. by A. Bubień, with the participation of Wojciech Malajkat, including Michał Żebrowski, Anna Dereszowska, Piotr Machalica with music by P, Salaber.

On 6th of August 2015 P. Salaber conducted the Fairy Tail Symphony Orchestra (concertmaster Natalia Walewska) and actors: Jerzy Zelnik , A. Lis, E. Olszewska , B. Smagacki in Gdynia in the concert for children "Singing Locomotive " with his music and lyrics by Julian Tuwim , organized by the Cultural Center of Gdynia.

Olgierd Łukaszewicz and Magdalena Cielecka - great Polish actors read in November on the Polish Radio "Troika" a novel "Things. Ivashkevich intimately. " by Anna King with the music by P. Salaber .

„Singing Locomotive” Tuwim - Salaber - Zelnik - with the symphony orchestra under direction of P. Salaber opened the VII edition of Wawer Music Festival on 18 October in Warsaw.

P. Salaber finished working on the music for the feature movie by W. Orzechowski - Women With No Shame (Dr. Charming). Recordings with the participation of Polish Radio Orchestra conducted by the composer, sound engineers - Tadeusz Mieczkowski and Chris Aiken.

On 11,12th of August 2015 P. Salaber conducted the Symphony Orchestra (concertmaster Natalia Walewska) and actors: Jerzy Zelnik , A. Lis, E. Olszewska , B. Smagacki at the Summer Stage in Gdynia Orłowo during the concert for children "Singing Locomotive " with his music and lyrics by Julian Tuwim , organized by the Cultural Center of Gdynia.

In Moscow, in one of the most important Russian theaters - Sovremiennik, on June the 3rd 2015 the premiere of the play "Потанцуем" (Let's dance) by Lyudmila Ulitskaya , took place, directed by A. Bubień with music by P. Salaber.

On the 20th Anniversary of Marek Czekała Johann Strauss Orchestra on 24/07/2015 a special concert with the participation of Żuki, J. Perlik , E. Czekała , J. Pawlewski and P. Salaber, on Mill Island in Bydgoszcz took place.

P. Salaber finished his working on a play "The Song Is Good For Everything" - Concert for the twentieth anniversary of the Summer Stage On The Beach in Gdynia Orłowo. The premiere with arrangements and musical direction by P. Salaber took place on the 12th of July 2015.

Gombrowicz's Operetta with music by P. Salaber performed by the National Theatre of Budapest, dir. A. Bubień won the Grand Prix at the XI International Gombrowicz Festival in Radom.

On the 14th of December 2014, the premiere of Nightingale by J. Ch. Andersen with music by P. Salaber took place. The play in Radom theater is directed by Chia-Yin Cheng - titled Taiwanese director of the young generation, artistic director of Puppet & Its Double Theater.

On the 5th of September at the National Theatre in Budapest the premiere of Gombrowicz's Operetta took place with music by P. Salaber, the performance with the participation Óbudai Danubia Orchestra conducted by - Péter Bíró, Bathori Lóránt and Piotr Salaber. The play was directed by A. Bubień.

On the 30th of December 2012 in one of the greatest Russian theaters - BDT - Bolshoi Drama Theater in St. Petersburg the premiere of the play "Measure for Measure" by W. Shakespeare took place . Music by P. Salaber, set design by Eduard Kochergin, stage movement, Jurij Vasilkov, directed by Andrzej Bubień.

The recordings for the Russian premiere of Measure for Measure were made by Chris Aiken, featuring Katarzyna Duda / violin , Filip Siejka / electric violin and Markus Stockhausen / trumpet, flugelhorn

P. Salaber finished his working on the performance based on the songs of The Elder Gentlemen's Cabaret by J. Wasowski and J. Przybora. The premiere took place on 27th of June 2013, Waterfront Theatre, Granville Island, Vancouver. The ensemble of the Polish Theatre in Vancouver, directed by Canadian director of Polish origin, Marek Czuma, the producer of the show is Andrew Gajos, featuring Magdalena Zawadzka.

10th of January 2013 at the Polish Theatre in Vancouver, on the stage of Evergreen Cultural Centre the premiere of "The Boys" by S. Grochowiak took place, directed by Polish - Canadian director Marek Czuma with set design by Joanna Kopplinger and music by P. Salaber, produced by Andrzej Gajos.

"Gypsy Tales. Romane Paramisia "dir. by I. Dragan with music by P. Salaber has won two awards at the III International Festival of Puppet Theatres "Golden Magnolia" in Shanghai - for the director - Irena Dragan, and for the innovative staging. During the previous, II International Festival of Puppet Theatre in Shanghai, "The Dragon King's Daughter" directed by I. Dragan with music by P. Salaber received the Special Jury Award and has also been presented in the Polish Pavilion Expo 2010.

On the 6th of December in a special concert "Locomotive and other pieces for children" P. Salaber will conduct Chamber Philharmonic in Lomza, presenting his music for children with lyrics by I. Krasicki, J. de La Fontaine ' a and J. Tuwim.

From the 26th of May in the Third Programme of the Polish Radio Avenue in Warsaw there is a special Bench With Tales for Children with music by Piotr Salaber.

17th of June at the BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver a charity event took place, a special performance of King Matt the First by J. Korczak, dir. by J. Wernio with music by P. Salaber, staged by The Popular Theatre

Among the works used in the recent premiere of the Wroclaw Pantomime - House of Bernarda Alba , directed by Z. Szymczyk there were some compositions by P. Salaber. The premiere took place on the 4th of May in Wrocław.

26th of April at the Main Square in Bydgoszcz there was a staging of "Katyn, a letters from ..." commemorating the victims killed in Katyn, Kharkov, Mednoye and other places in the USSR. In the music used during the performance there were compositions by Samuel Barber, Joseph Haydn, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Camille Saint-Saens, Gustav Holst, Henry Purcell and Piotr Salaber.

On 26th of November at the Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater in St. Petersburg, the Russian premiere of "On Foot" by S. Mrożek with music by P. Salaber took place. Scenography Eduard Kochergin, choreography Jurij Vasilkov , directed by Andrzej Bubień. Information about the premiere was published also by the magazin Polish Market.
P. Salaber gave also a lecture on "Relations between drama construction and musical elements" during the international conference, day before the premiere.

On 29th of February the premiere of King Matt I by Janusz Korczak, directed by Julia Wernio with music by P. Salaber took place. The performances were presented by The Popular Theatre in Vancouver, Canada at the Norman Rothstein Theatre, during the Chutzpah Festival .

At the Csokonai Theatre in Debrecen, Hungary a premiere of A. Ostrowski, "Even a Wise Man Stumbles or Diary of a Scoundrel," directed by A. Bubień and music by P. Salaber took place.

On 9 December 2011 Museum of the History of Kielce together with the Society of the History and Culture of Polish Jews invited children and adults to watch a staging based on a spectacle “Eight lights of Hanukkah” (psalms from the Book of Psalms translated by Leopold Staff), performed by the actors from Teatr Lalki I Aktora “Kubuś”, accompanied with music by Piotr Salaber.

28go November at the Grand Theatre - National Opera in Warsaw P. Salaber performed with Marek Torzewski, Marcin Bronikowski and members of the Pro Omnibus Foundation - Angela Wawrzyk and Szymon Borkowski during Pearls of Polish Economy Gala, organized by Polish Market Magazine. Interview with the composer you can find here

On 16th of November in the Waterfront Theatre, Vancouver, a new premiere of The Popular Theatre Charming Night and On the High Seas by S. Mrożek took place, directed by Marek Czuma with music by P. Salaber.

"Conductor in the Studio or Microphone Instead of the Audience - in the Seven Questions and Answers. The specificity of the conductor work during studio recordings of film and theater music." - book and CD by P. Salaber has been published. Distribution and sale of publication by Nicolaus Copernicus University Scientific Publishing House in Torun.

On the 14th of September at the the festival "Łódź of Four Cultures" P. Salaber conducted a concert with his music for Julian Tuwim's poems in the concert for children "Locomotive"

On the 1st of May in the Cathedral of Bydgoszcz, on the day of beatification of Pope Johann Paul II P. Salaber conducted The Symphonists of Bydgoszcz Orchestra and combined choirs - Cathedral and Alla Polacca from the Grand Theatre in Warsaw, together with the soloists in the concert, "Don't let the lamps of our faith to die... " During the concert, some parts of Missa Mundana to the texts of M. Szułczyńska and the world premiere of seven series of papal encyclicals to the texts of E. Bryll with P. Salaber's music were performed.

While working on the music for "Judaszek" by M. Saltykov-Shchedrin at Warsaw's Athenaeum Theater , starring Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieslak, directed by A. Bubien, P. Salaber recorded his music with the Chamber Choir of Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz, Glass Duo from Gdansk (glass harp) and Markus Stockhausen (trumpet) in Cologne.

Since January, a comedy series , "Skinny's Men (Los Hombres de Paco)" is being aired again on Polsat TV and Polsat 2, directed by Wojciech Adamczyk with music by P. Salaber. The new musical themes for the second part of the series - this time directed by Maciej Wojtyszko were recorded as usual by Chris Aiken, and also by Tadeusz Mieczkowski at S-4 Studio at the Polish Radio, performed by the Polish Radio Orchestra conducted by P. Salaber.

"Yellow Nightcap" by F. Zablocki dir. J. Wernio, for The Popular Theatre-Canadian-Polish Society PRO ARTE in Vancouver, Canada with music by P. Salaber was also presented in Seattle, USA.

During the II International Puppet Theatre Festival in Shanghai, "The Daughter of the Dragon King" directed by I. Dragan with music by P. Salaber received a Special Jury Award and was also presented at the Polish pavilion at Expo 2010.

24th of September at the "Theatre Le Vent se Leve" in Paris, the premiere of "Parricides" was held, dir. Monique Stalens, P. Salaber - music.

The film"The Corrupted" with music by P. Salaber and participation including J. Englert, J. Trela, Oliver Gruner and Max Ryan was presented at the Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles.

The play "Obłom-off" , dir. A. Bubien in Debrecen in Hungary, with music by P. Salaber won the Audience Award for best performance at a festival in Pecs, and prepared under the ongoing the Polish-Israeli Year "The Eight Lights of Chanukkah" by Isaac B. Singer in Kielce, Poland, dir. I. Dragan won the Grand Prix at the International Festival of Puppet Theatre Eurofest, and was presented in the Jewish Theater in Warsaw in the festival "Warsaw of Singer"

June the 1st past year, at Main Square in Zamość Piotr Salaber stood behind the conductor's desk , "The Namysłowski Symphony Orchestra" presenting his music for children, with actors - T. Kwiatkowska and P. Siciński.

Piotr Salaber found himself in a prestigeous group of artists featured by the magazine Theatre in the 2006/2007 season, in the category" Best Music" for his music for “The Karamazov Brothers”, dir. A. Bubien.

The biography of P. Salaber was published in a book - "Polish composers 1918-2000".
The publication of the Institute of Philosophy Jagiellonian University, "Aesthetics and Criticism" published the next parts of the text by P. Salaber "Symbiosis of music and drama - the composer of the theater music", accompanied by a CD with his music from " Crime and Punishment, "" Trap" ( Katarzyna Duda- violin), and "The Karamazov Brothers."

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